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The Business of Staying Alive


Merav Salomon

The business of staying alive demonstrates in Twelve delightfully funny illustrated categories how fragile and dangerous life is. Each category is dedicated to a different realm and the ways death can find you there. From The Outdoors to Home, through History, Diseases and war - "danger is everywhere"... The business of staying alive joins the long tradition of humorous illustrations dealing with the great fear of death.   

Merav Salomon is a book artist, illustrator, author, educator and a publisher dedicated to staying alive.

Book Details: 
Size: 18 cm x 27 cm (7.1 inches x 10.1 inches)
28 pages
Paper: Munken Lynx
ISBN: 978-965-555-913-2

Price: US$ 20.00 (Includes Shipping)

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On Third Thought

Avner Katz

On Third Thought is a visual contemplation over a man’s life. It’s 87 Linoleum cuts examine the human figure as a black note on a page, echoing the question What marks we leave behind? Both Poetic and amusing The Third Thought carries us forward and backwards, adding figure to figure, accumulating impressions, as passengers in a tunnel, studying the flickering reflections of a Treasure chest mind.

Avner Katz is an artist of images and words. Born in 1939 in Kibutz Ramat Rachel near Jerusalem. Katz is a Professor Emeritus at Haifa University.  He lives and works in Ramat Hasharon, in a small house full of treasures.

Book Details: 
Size: 12 cm x 17 cm (4.8 inches x 6.2 inches)
100 pages
Paper: Dalum
ISBN: 978-965-572-377-9

Price: US$ 20.00 (Inclides Shipping)

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